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Why your business needs a website

Okay, so your business mainly deals with local people, so why would you want a website? You can still use the web to connect your business to new customers locally. The simple answer is, if you’ve ever advertised – in a local paper or Yellow Pages perhaps – or put flyers through letter boxes then […]

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A boffin

Why simple websites are best

A simple website will not only get your message across to your customers in the most effective way possible, but it will save you money, too. Many web companies will try and sell you a site with all the bells, whistles and gimmicks they can but this will only end up annoying your website visitors […]

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Building websites in his bedroom every now and again

Choosing a web design company

There’s a massive choice of web design companies out there – so how do you spot the diamonds and avoid the duds? One of the problems with web design is that anyone can do it – to an extent. But you should exercise the same caution when looking at web design companies as you would […]

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