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We often get asked the same questions again and again, so to help you get an answer as quickly as possibly, answers to our most commonly-asked questions are published here.

Read these first and if you still have a question, then please open a support ticket.


Website issues

How to get changes made to your website

If you want changes made to your website, please use our support form. Charges for work may apply.

Get Support


How to log in to your website

How to find the login address to log into your website or change your password.

Log in to your website


My website is not available

What to do in the unlikely event that your website is unavailable.

Website down


How to access website statistics

You can access information about how your website is being used by your visitors.

Get your statistics


My website is not secure

Here's what you need to do if you or your customer are seeing warnings that your website is not secure.

Insecure website warning


I can't see changes to my website

Sometimes, when changing something on your site, you won’t see it immediately when you look at the front end of your website

How to see your changes


Choosing a secure password for your website

You need secure passwords on your website and email. Here's how to create them.

Create your password

E-Commerce questions

How to run your WooCommerce shop

How to manage your WooCommerce online shop, including guides to some of the preium extensions you may have on your website.

WooCommerce Guides

Email questions

Email set up guides

How to use our e-mail service and set it up to run on your computer, your phone or anything else that will send and receive e-mail

Email guides

Email Quota

What to do if you get an email quota warning or if your mailbox is full.


Email Quota

Help setting up your email

If you need help setting up your email to work with Outlook on your PC, or with your phone, we can put you in touch with an expert.

Email setup support

My email is being rejected/returned

If your email is bouncing back, you can work out what's causing the problem through the error message.

Email rejected

Still need help? Get Support

If you still need our help, please raise a support ticket.

Ask for help