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If you use the email we provide, either through webmail or Outlook or your phone, then this post contains important information you’ll need to act on.

It applies to all our clients whose website and email are hosted through SiteGround, which means almost everybody who has email mailboxes with us.

What you need to do

Webmail users: If you access webmail via a bookmark, you’ll need to delete it and recreate it – more on that below.

Outlook and phone users – especially iPhone: You’ll need to check the incoming and outgoing mail server settings for email to continue to work.

Your incoming/outgoing mail server settings should be set to match your domain name (not http or www, just the name), so for us that would be .

If your settings already say that then leave them alone. If they say one of (most likely),, or you’ll need to change them.

At present we haven’t had any complaints about email stopping working, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can also find all the setup information you need, including auto setup files, within your webmail control panel. If you’re curious to know why we’re asking you to make this change, then read on.

The quick reason why this is happening

At the beginning of March, the server packages we have with SiteGround were migrated to a new background system. This means that:

  1. The web address where your webmail used to be doesn’t exist any more, so old bookmarks won’t work, and..
  2. We don’t have to use some workarounds we were using to make sure your email gets delivered

Webmail users – what you need to do

Credit goes to Steve at Shrewsbury Steam Rally for picking up on this, when SiteGround didn’t.

If you have any bookmarks pointing to your webmail address, delete them. Then type in your webmail access address, which is – essentially the address of your website with webmail on the end.

You’ll be taken to a login page like this:

Enter your email address and password and you’ll log in to a new interface.

NOW is the time to bookmark the page again for future use. Or bookmark the login page. It’s up to you.

Once you’ve logged in you’ll see the snazzy new interface that makes it a lot easier to do various email-related tasks, including:

  • Changing your password
  • Forwarding your email to another address
  • Setting up automatic replies
  • Filtering your email
  • Set it up with an email programme like Outlook

Here’s the new interface, showing Roundcube mail.

The long reason why this has happened

There have been some pretty major changes under the skin of our hosting.

SiteGround have moved away from the system used to manage website and email hosting, which was a proprietory system called cPanel – lots of hosting companies use it. The trouble is, using it the way we do involves a lot of workarounds.

Instead they have built their own system – called Site Tools – and to be fair it’s pretty good and better than cPanel, and it’s certainly much more user-friendly and we can get rid of some of those workarounds, such as the incoming/outgoing mail settings.

As for webmail, Now, while the url has always worked to get to webmail, it is a redirect, which originally pointed to a place in cPanel, now it goes somewhere within Site Tools.

The catch is if you bookmarked the cPanel page and tried to get their now it would, indeed, not work, while going to continues to work as it always has.

Webmail changes for SiteGround-hosted clients

If you use our webmail and your site is hosted with SiteGround then this is for you.

On June 30, Horde and SquirrelMail, two of the three mail apps available to you if you access your email via webmail will be retired.

This means that the only app available will be Roundcube.

If you use Horde or SquirrelMail, here;s what you need to know:

I use Horde or SquirrelMail. What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything as your email and all data will be automatically migrated into Roundcube at the end of June. You can also start using Roundcube immediately. Just choose it as your default webmail, the next time you access the webmail service.

What happens to all my emails and data, contacts etc?

Everything from your Horde or SquirrelMail account will be there in Roundcube.

OK. So how do I use Roundcube?

We’ve put together a guide to help you adapt to the new system. You can find it here: Roundcube user guide.

Why is this happening in the first place?

in short, security reasons. Both Horde and SquirrelMail have been around a while but haven’t been updated in many years. If a security flaw emerged in either, it’s not clear how or if it would be patched. So SiteGround has decided to remove them from their servers.

Is there any change to where I log in to webmail?

No change at all. You can log in at (substitute for your web address).

How to use Roundcube

In case you missed it, here’s our guide to Roundcube:

Important: We no longer accept cheques or cash – plus GoCardless changes

Due to costs imposed by our bank we can no longer accept cheques or cash with immediate effect.

There are, however, many other ways to pay your invoices. You can pay by:

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Card via the link on your invoice email
  • Direct debit/standing order for regular payments

We regret that we can’t return cheques sent to us in error.

Changes to GoCardless

Also, thanks to changes at GoCardless, we can only use GoCardless for regular payments via Direct Debit.

Single card payments will now be handled by Stripe.

This change only affects a handful of our clients.

Photo by RikkisRefugeOther

Migration away from Heart Internet

[box]This only affects a small number of our clients, and if it does affect you, we will be in touch.[/box]

For the past few months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to move websites/email accounts away from hosting with Heart Internet, and we’re happy to announce the task is nearly complete.

You may remember our websites hosted on Heart – mainly those built before 2014 – were becoming increasingly slow and unreliable, and we were waiting days for support tickets to be dealt with.

With more than 50 sites on Heart at the time, this was not a change we could make lightly, or one we could do quickly.

By the way, sites built on SiteGround, our preferred supplier since 2014, were unaffected.

Since the beginning of the year we have been testing a new provider with much-improved performance and support and (as it happens) a better price – Jolt Hosting.

We’ve gradually moved across more than 30 sites to Jolt – others have upgraded to SiteGround – and monitored performance of the migrated sites.

In all cases we’ve managed to migrate websites without causing any disturbance to the site owner.

If this affects you, we’ll be in touch soon

There are now around a dozen websites left on Heart, and we will shortly begin migrating those.

If you use email, we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a convenient time to switch things over.

But we won’t do anything without telling you first.

Domain names and Heart Internet

While we are moving web and email hosting away from Heart Internet, we are currently still using them to hold domain names. We’ll be reviewing this once the web mifration is complete.



We’ve made our help site better!

Our client help site has been around in one form or another almost as long as we have!

Right from the start we learned that we’re often asked the same questions when it come to things like setting up email or problems with a website.

Since we are web designers, the natural solution was to build a website to help our clients to help themselves.

[caption id="attachment_2723" align="alignright" width="201"] Current help site homepage – it’s a work in progress and we’re now improving the design[/caption]

However, over the years it’s grown to more than 100 pages and posts, and it’s been hard to find your way around.

Easier to find what you need

We’ve spent months improving and updating the content of this website behind the scenes, but that’s no use unless you can find what you need.

So we’ve re-designed our Client Help Site homepage to feature the answers to the questions we’re asked most often in support tickets.

This means you get a detailed answer to your question quickly, you know what to do next, and hopefully we fix your problem quicker.

Improved content on the help site

We’ve updated much of the content and we’re adding new pages every month.

If you think anything is missing or could be improved, the please open a support ticket via the tab.

Access to your website statistics – how to get it

Google Analytics logo

We’ve always subscribed to the old saying that nothing is worth doing unless you can measure it – especially when it comes to websites.

This is why every website we have built has included a statistics collecting service – Google Analytics, and you can access them at any time.

Read more

Free SSL Certificates for SiteGround-hosted clients

SSL encryption is fast becoming a web standard – and now our clients hosted with SiteGround ( that’s about 60 per cent of you) can take advantage of it without breaking the bank.

And to help you keep up with the latest standards we’re now offering free SSL Certificates subject to a small set-up cost. Heart Internet clients can also have free SSL and setup when you upgrade to SiteGround.

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