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Migration away from Heart Internet

For the past few months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to move websites/email accounts away from hosting with Heart Internet, and we’re happy to announce the task is nearly complete. You may remember our websites hosted on Heart – mainly those built before 2014 – were becoming increasingly slow and unreliable, and we […]

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We’ve made our help site better!

Our client help site has been around in one form or another almost as long as we have! Right from the start we learned that we’re often asked the same questions when it come to things like setting up email or problems with a website. Since we are web designers, the natural solution was to […]

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Free SSL Certificates for SiteGround-hosted clients

SSL encryption is fast becoming a web standard – and now our clients hosted with SiteGround ( that’s about 60 per cent of you) can take advantage of it without breaking the bank. And to help you keep up with the latest standards we’re now offering free SSL Certificates subject to a small set-up cost. […]

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Heart Internet Downtime, February 2016

On February 10, without warning, Heart Internet suffered a power cut which brought down websites and emails for several hours. As many of you know, about half of the websites we look after on behalf of our clients are held on Heart Internet’s web servers, and these were affected. We understand websites went offline at […]

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SiteGround - our new web hosts

Our new performance web hosting service

Web hosting – to put it simply, providing computer space so that websites can be accessed on the web 24 hours a day – is a fundamental part of every website that can’t be ignored. For us at Moghill it’s crucial to our business, and right from the start we chose our  hosting company carefully, […]

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