Be sure to verify your domain name – or your site and email could be switched off!

When we register a new domain name for you, we always register it in your name – that means providing your details to the registration authority – Nominet in the case of UK domain names.

Those details include an email address, to which the registration authority will send an email asking you to verify your ownership of the domain name.

check photoYou must follow the instructions and respond to the email within a certain time period.

If you don’t respond, the registration authority will assume the domain was registered with false details and cancel all services.

The first thing you will notice is that your website will disappear (you’ll see a Not Found error) and your email will stop.

suspendedIf this is your problem, then you can check by running your domain name into the Geektools checker.

If you see the SUSPENDED message then verification is the problem.

How to fix this problem

If you can’t find the email from the registration authority, open a support ticket and we’ll ask them to send it to you again.

Then follow the instructions and within hours your website and email will be back.

Open a support ticket