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What you need to know about .uk domain names

If you own any .uk domain name – that means a, or anything else ending in .uk – then the chances are you will have received an email offering you the chance to buy the newly-released .uk domain name. We’ve had a few clients get one of these and ask about it, so […]

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Our support service – and what it means for you

We use a system called Freshdesk to manage our support services, prioritise them and ensure we meet our support delivery time guidelines as much as possible. It also means that if you have asked for help from us you can log in at any time and see the progress of your request and even add […]

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Directories for free SEO – use with caution

Links are the lifeblood of the internet, which is why Google likes to see sites that are linked to from others. Therefore if there are no links pointing to your site, then your site will not do well in searches. However, linking must be done with caution, thanks to years of people trying to trick […]

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This Captcha page blocks automated brute force attacks

Why does my website ask if I’m human?

If you have admin access to your website, you may have encountered something like the picture on this page when you try to log in to your admin area. This is a security measure placed by our hosting company to defend your website against hacking attacks. Note: Sometimes you need to refresh the page after […]

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Using strong passwords to keep your site and email secure

If you have back end access to your site, it’s vitally important to use secure, unguessable passwords – something like this: eA8iZvXoMi7w The same is true of email accounts. Why do I need secure passwords? Today it’s common for website login pages to be bombarded with automated attacks that ‘guess’ passwords and try them against […]

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