Website Help

We’ve put together some handy guides to help you manage your website.

The WordPress Block Editor

The block editor is the new way to edit content in WordPress and has amazing possibilities. Here are some resources to help you learn to use it. First things first. What is the block editor and why should you use it? This video explains all: Where to learn how to use the block editor This ... Read more

Notification bars and how to use them

Notification bars allow you to display a message across the top of your website - something that has been very useful during the Covid crisis. Here's how to edit yours.

Multilingual websites with WPML

We use the WPML plugin to translate websites into multiple languages. While WPML’s user guides are great for setting up the plugin and translating an existing website, they are not so hot for what to do when you want to create new content. So this is a quick guide that covers how to create a ... Read more

Mailpoet Newsletters guide

Mailpoet (also Mailpoet 3) is a powerful way to send newsletters from your website, but also make sure they get seen by their intended audience. This guide covers the main areas you may have questions about, and what you need to know. Most links point to Mailpoet’s own user guide. Mailpoet help guides Before you ... Read more

Website features and extensions

Some of the websites we build and manage have extra features, such as photo galleries. The most popular are explained below.

Editing and updating your website

Hints and tips on everything from logging into your website to adding images and blogging.

WooCommerce Online Shop User Guide

Our online shops use WordPress with WooCommerce in a range of configurations. This guide covers the main areas of back end administration of a WordPress and WooCommerce online shop, including some extra features such as Per Product Shipping and Bookings and Appointments. WooCommerce and the Block Editor We’re migrating many of our client shops to ... Read more