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Notification bars and how to use them

Notification bars allow you to display a message across the top of your website – something that has been very useful during the Covid crisis.

They look like this:

A notification bar on the front end of a website

If you have a notification bar added to your site and you have access to your admin area, it’s possible for you to edit the message in the bar and switch it off or on. Here’s how to do that:

How to edit your Notification bar

Notification Bars in the menu

First, log into your WordPress admin area. If you’re not sure how to do that, follow this link: Login to WordPress.

Then select the link in the left menu to Notification Bar.

You’ll see something like this below:

The Content tab is where you control what the banner says and whether it links anywhere.

Changing the text of the bar

You can edit the text of the bar in the box marked Text. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

If you have this on your site then we will have set it up for you and you may or may not have a button in your banner.

But if you have a button and you want to remove it, just remove all the text in the Link/Button text and Link/Button URL fields.

Removing the bar entirely

If you no longer need your banner, then you can unpublish it and it will disappear from your site.

You can do this in the All Notification Bars screen (select Quick Edit) or when editing your notification bar itself, under the Status control on the right of the screen.

Disabling from within the edit screen