WooCommerce Online Shop User Guide

Our online shops use WordPress with WooCommerce in a range of configurations.

This guide covers the main areas of back end administration of a WordPress and WooCommerce online shop, including some extra features such as Per Product Shipping and Bookings and Appointments.

WooCommerce and the Block Editor

We’re migrating many of our client shops to the new Block Editor, which has its own set of blocks for WooCommerce. There’s more about that in our Guide to the WordPress Block Editor.

Health warning: We put these guides together in 2013/2014 and some aspects of WooCommerce have changed since. However they are still useful.

Above all, if you need help don’t suffer in silence. You can contact us by opening a support ticket.

Preventing your pages or WooCommerce products from being indexed by Google search

Sometimes you don't want Google to pick up your page, or even WooCommerce products and display them in search. This is usually when your site has hidden pages or products you don't want anyone to see. Or maybe you only want certain people to see them.
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WooCommerce documentation

  Complete, up to date information on managing your WooCommerce online shop is available on the WooCommerce website. Here are some particularly useful sections: Adding and managing products Variable products Managing orders Using coupons Extensions – not included on every site WooCommerce Pro Shipping (scroll to bottom of page) Per-Product Shipping Advanced Shipping PDF invoices ... Read more
Add New Product

Adding products to your shop

Log into your shop (usually) at http://www.(your website’s name).co.uk/wp-login.php Enter your username and password and you’ll see the dashboard screen. How to add a new product Make sure you have all your product pictures cropped, the right way up and in a folder together. To add a new product Go to the left menu and ... Read more
Adding images to a product

Adding images to a product

Images are vitally important to selling products on your website. Here’s how to make the most of them. Main (featured) image The next step is to set the main image that will display in the product listing and index pages. To do this, simply click on the link on the lower right marked Featured Image. ... Read more
Quick Edit

Change prices on existing products

It’s easy to change product prices in your WooCommerce shop. First you’ll need to log in and go to the product you’re after. Then follow these instructions. Click on the Products link (circled red) You will be taken to the Products screen. Since there are over 600 products in the shop it’s easiest to find ... Read more
Draft Product

Removing products from the shop temporarily

Sometimes you want to remove a product from your shop but put it back later. This is easy to do. The simplest way is to put the product in draft mode. To do this go to your product page, hover your cursor over the product name, then select Quick Edit. You can then use the ... Read more
Adding variable products

Adding variable products

If you have a product that comes in different sizes or different colours then this quick guide will help your online shop without filling it in with extra clutter. This part of your online shop basically allows you to create a drop down list or multiple drop down lists depending on how many variations a ... Read more
Per product shipping

Per product shipping pricing

This page covers how to add pricing to the Per Product Shipping extension. This extension allows you to specify a special shipping rate to products in your store. In can work for as many or as few products in your shop as you like. Contact us if you would like this feature added to your ... Read more

Removing products from the shop permanently

Find your product in the products screen and hover your cursor over its title. The options will appear again: Quick Edit | Trash | View | Duplicate Click on Trash and the product will be removed from the site. Permanent deletion is a two step process, much like using the Recycle Bin/Trash on a computer. ... Read more
managing orders

Managing orders

Log into WordPress as you normally would. A basic order list will appear in your dashboard but you can access a more detailed one. Click on ‘WooCommerce’ in the left menu Orders will appear on the main screen, displaying headline info for each one. To view an individual order click on its order number. You ... Read more
Out of stock

Display shop only

If you are using an online shop as a brochure only – i.e. to display your products but with the ability to buy removed – then this is how to add a new product for display only. This is only possible if we have built your shop especially as a brochure – otherwise the result ... Read more
Viewing Reports

Viewing reports

You will find a link to reports under the ‘WooCommerce’ link in the left navigation. See ‘Display shop only‘ to continue.
Emails in shop

Email configuration

This page gives a brief description of what each option does when configuring your email for your online shop. First go to your online shop email setup by going to WooCommerce → Settings → Emails The first page you will land on should say ‘Email options’ You will have other options such as ‘New Order’ ‘Processing Order’ ... Read more

WooCommerce Bookings

This extension of WooCommerce turns an online shop into a bookings system. Full documentation on using the WooCommerce Bookings can be found on the plugin’s website.