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Adding variable products

If you have a product that comes in different sizes or different colours then this quick guide will help your online shop without filling it in with extra clutter.
This part of your online shop basically allows you to create a drop down list or multiple drop down lists depending on how many variations a product has.

How to add a variable product

Start out as if you are adding a normal product by going to Products -> Add new product.
Underneath the title and description you will see the ‘Product Data’ box, click on the drop down arrow and select ‘Variable product’ you will see that the box content will change.

Now if you select ‘Attributes’ and ‘Add Attribute’ this is where you will create your lists for your product.

In this example I have chosen the varieties of colours and sizes for the item. In the ‘Values(s)’ box I have chosen my different colours/sizes separated by pipes (|).

I have also ticked both boxes on the left hand side so I will be able to use this on the ‘Variations’ tab. When you are finished select the ‘Save attributes’ button.

Click on the ‘Variations’ (1) tab and ‘Add Variation’ (2)

At the top left next to the ‘#’ (3) you should see your drop down lists of varieties, where you can select specific ones to go together e.g. colour: black , size: small.

Underneath it will ask to add the ‘Regular Price’ (4), the sale price if you so want to and also to add an image of the product (5).

This way when your customers are selecting from the drop down list every time they pick different options the relevant product will show up on screen.

Once you have chosen which varieties go together you can then add another variation and do the same for the next product and so on.

When you are happy with your selection you can then publish/update the page and see what you have done.

These example screenshots underneath will explain what happens when you select from the drop down lists.

That’s it! This will give your customers a variety to choose from without having to look on other pages.

See ‘Change prices on existing products‘ to continue.