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Change prices on existing products

It’s easy to change product prices in your WooCommerce shop. First you’ll need to log in and go to the product you’re after. Then follow these instructions.

Click on the Products link (circled red)

You will be taken to the Products screen. Since there are over 600 products in the shop it’s easiest to find the product by using the category dropdown to filter results:

Use the dropdown (1) to find your category and then press the Filter button (2) to display the category.

You can also use the search box just above the filter button to search for products by name.

When you have found your product you will see something like this below.

To change product details you can use the Quick Edit function. To access this, hover your cursor over the name of the product and several options will appear:

Quick Edit | Trash | View | Duplicate

Click on the Quick Edit text and the listing information will expand to show product details:

To change the product price change the number in the price field (1), then click on Update (3).

See ‘Removing products from the shop temporarily’ to continue.