Display shop only

If you are using an online shop as a brochure only – i.e. to display your products but with the ability to buy removed – then this is how to add a new product for display only.

This is only possible if we have built your shop especially as a brochure – otherwise the result will be you mark your products Out of Stock!

Set the product to Out of Stock

Before publishing your product to the website only one thing remains to be done and that is setting the product to be out of stock.

The reason for this is that we are using an adapted version of an online shop, with the ability to buy removed.

Obviously we don’t want a ‘buy’ button to appear on the product page and to avoid this happening we set the product to be Out of Stock.

Underneath the product description page section you will see a range of links – General, Taxes, Inventory, Related Products, etc. Click on Inventory. (Note that software has updated and appearance is now slightly different).

Next to Stock Status you will see a dropdown. Select Out of Stock and make sure Allow Backorders is set to Do not allow.

Then save and publish your product. It will look like this:

See ‘Email Configuration‘ to continue.