Email configuration

This page gives a brief description of what each option does when configuring your email for your online shop.

First go to your online shop email setup by going to WooCommerce → Settings → Emails

The first page you will land on should say ‘Email options’

You will have other options such as ‘New Order’ ‘Processing Order’ etc. Refer to the screenshot below:

  1. New Order – An email is sent to you when an order is received or paid by a customer.
  2. Processing Order – This is an order notification sent to the customer after payment containing order details.
  3. Completed Order – Order complete emails are sent to the customer when the order is marked complete (this requires you to mark it complete in ‘Orders’ so it knows!) and usual indicates that the order has been shipped.
  4. Customer Invoice – Customer invoice emails can be sent to the user containing order info and payment links.
  5. Customer Note – Customer note emails are sent when you add a note to an order.
  6. Reset Password – Customer reset password emails are sent when a customer resets their password.
  7. New Account – An email is sent to you when a customer signs up via the checkout or My Account page.

For each of these, it gives you the option to turn them on or off. This gives you control over your shop so you can choose how to run it.

See ‘Per product shipping‘ to continue.