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Per product shipping pricing

This page covers how to add pricing to the Per Product Shipping extension. This extension allows you to specify a special shipping rate to products in your store. In can work for as many or as few products in your shop as you like. Contact us if you would like this feature added to your online shop.

In the back end open the product for editing

Under ‘Product Data’ select the tab marked ‘Shipping

You’ll see a tick box next to Per-product shipping. Click on it to tick the box and a table will appear below.

Click on ‘Insert Row’ and a row will appear.

Add the price in the column marked ‘Item Cost (excl. tax)’ – if it’s less than £1 – say 50p – enter it like this: 0.50 (and don’t try and enter a £ sign!)

Save as normal.

That’s it!