Resizing Images using Pic Resize

Guide on how to resize images using Pic Resize

When downloading pictures from a camera to your operating system, you may find that the image sizes are very big.

This is not suitable for web use because the bigger the image size the longer it will take to load, which can also slow down your overall website if you have too many large images. is a very useful for when you want to resize images to upload onto your own website.

When you arrive on the home page, follow the instructions on screen and continue to the editing page.

  1. Make sure where it says ‘make my picture:’ have it selected to Custom Size in the drop down list. With the Width and Height options if you only fill in the one box e.g. Height = 300 the image will then keep the proportions.
  2.  This shows what the final image size will be.
  3. On JPG Quality on the drop down list, select Good because you want to keep the file size as low as possible.

After that select ‘I’m done’

When you get onto this page do not select ‘download’ this is an advert which will take you to another page.

Instead click ‘Save to disk’ and choose where you want to save that file.

Other methods

There’s a detailed tutorial on how to resize images using several other services on the Elegant Themes blog.