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Understanding our Premium SEO reports

Our premium SEO reports are available as part of our standard monthly reports for hosting clients, and for our SEO service clients. Read on to find out what they are and how to use them.

What the SEO report can tell you

Essentially the report checks your website against a range of keywords, with or without a geographical area. We can find out:

  • Where individual pages on your website score against your keywords (your desired search terms)
  • Which pages rank the best for given terms, and what positions they rank in
  • Which other websites are ranking for these terms – i.e. your competitor
  • How these terms score in different geographical areas, even across different towns, for example
  • An overall visibility score compared with your competitors
  • How these rankings change over time (invaluable if you are doing work on improving your SEO as you need to track results)

How to use the SEO report

Of course, while this is interesting information to have, it’s much better if you can do something with it, and that means something of an SEO plan.

Once you know how your website is doing, you effectively have a plan for improvement. The report helps you identify which pages to prioritise for improvement to target your desired keywords.

You may also want to refine or add to your keywords to widen your understanding of how Google sees your website.

What are SEO keywords?

Your keywords are the search terms you want people to find you under on Google. These are usually a description of what you do or a product you sell.

So if your business is doorstep mik delivery, your keywords might include ‘milk delivery’ or ‘milkman’ or ‘local milkman’. But since this is a local service (and local is in one of the keywords), you need to add a geographical area, so your keywords would be ‘milk delivery Wrexham’ for example.

Our reports can test for up to 99 keywords, but it’s best to start with 10-15 plus geographical areas to avoid information overload.

Another important factor here is keyword research, where you use a tool that tests your keywords against how often people actually search with them in the real world, and suggests additional ones to refine your testing.

If you want to improve your site but don’t know what to do, the SEO report makes a great starting point.

Search optimisation reports are available monthly, fortnightly or weekly, though again we recommend monthly to avoid information overload.

If you’re interested or wish to order them, please open a support ticket and we’ll get back to you.