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Automatic posting to social media

Updating your social media profiles every time you publish new content can quickly become a chore – which is why we automate it for you.

We use a system called Jetpack Publicise that updates your social media profiles automatically when you publish a new blog post.

We normally only use it for Facebook and/or Twitter, but it will also connect with LinkedIn, Google+ and others.

But before it will work, you need to link up your site to your social media accounts. It takes two minutes to do.

How to connect up your website to Facebook and Twitter (or other social media outlet!)

First of all, log in to your website, and log in to the social media accounts you want to link up. This will make things faster.

You must already have access to the Twitter account, or be a Page Admin for Facebook, in order for this to work.

On your website, navigate to the Jetpack link in the top left navigation, then choose Settings.

Ignore the prompt about not being connected to WordPress.com and select the Engagement link below.

Click on Configure Your Publicise Settings and you’ll see a list of options:

Just click on the Connect link and (as long as you’re logged in to these services) things will happen automatically.

And that’s it!

Automatic posting to social media

Your site will now auto-publish to the connected social media channels whenever you publish a new post. We use it to for our main blog to publish to Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. Here’s how an automated post looks on our Facebook page:

Jetpack Publicise works with scheduled posts, which means you can wrote posts weeks or months ahead, use WordPress’ scheduling feature and your blog publishing and social media will take care of itself.

How to use Jetpack Publicise when editing a blog post

Publicise gives you a new control box (called meta box) next to the publish button.

It shows you which media the post will be published to, and allows you to edit the text of your Tweet/Facebook post/whatever.

There’s much more about this on the Jetpack Publicise support site.

If you’re interested in adding Jetpack Publicise to your website, please open a support ticket and we’ll get back to you.