Photo Galleries

We use a couple of different software packages to display photo galleries on websites.

The main two are Photo Gallery and NextGen Gallery.

If your site uses Photo Gallery, you’ll see this icon in your left menu:

If you have NextGen, the menu will look like this:


Adding and changing photo galleries on your website

Whatever software is on your site, the principles are the same;

  1. Go to the gallery tab and create your gallery first, adding your pictures
  2. Open the page or post you want to add your gallery to, and add it via the button in the WordPress editor

Photo Gallery and NextGen gallery user guides

Both galleries are pretty simple to use, once you’ve got the hang of them, but it’s a good idea to look through some instructions first.

Our brief guide to NextGen Gallery appears below, but more up to date info is available on the NextGen Gallery help site.

For Photo Gallery users, see the step by step guides on the Photo Gallery website.

Other gallery software

On sites with’s Jetpack enabled, you may have the Tiled Gallery and or Carousel features running photo galleries (if this is the case, you’ll already know!).

These use WordPress’ built in phot gallery to better effect. Here’s the documentation for them:

NextGen Tutorial (archive)

We created this page in 2014 and, while some things have changed, it still broadly applies so we’ve left it up for now. For the latest info, see the NextGen Gallery website.

In the Dashboard go to ‘Gallery‘ and then ‘Add Gallery/Images

Creating a new gallery/Adding images

In the text box, type in a name for your new gallery, then select ‘Add files‘.

On the ‘Upload Images’ tab select ‘select files’ and a pop up window will open. Then you simply navigate to the images that you want to put into the gallery. Alternatively you can drag and drop your images into the space indicated.

If you are using large size images tick the box next to the text that says: Scale images to max width 800px or max height 600px. This will re-size the images for you.

After you have chosen your images you can choose which gallery you want to put it in (make sure you have made a gallery first!) under the ‘Choose gallery’ drop down list.

Than lastly click on ‘Start Upload‘ this will then show your images uploading into the gallery.

Be sure to wait until they are finished.

Managing an existing gallery

When managing your gallery you can:

  • Swap images around to display in which ever order you want them to (this is under ‘Sort gallery’)
  • Rename images or even the galleries
  • Change the preview images in each gallery
  • Exclude images temporarily instead of deleting them and then re uploading them

Changing the photo order

As mentioned above when you click on the ‘Sort Gallery’ button you can them drag and drop your photos and order them however you like.

Adding your gallery to a page

When you are on the page you want to put a gallery on click on the little icon that looks like two photos on top of each other (if you hover over this icon it should say ‘Add NextGEN Gallery‘)

A little box will come up and you simply choose which gallery you want on the page, it will then insert the gallery in the page.

You won’t be able to see your gallery in the back end but on the website it will display correctly.

After all that save the page and view that page on your website.

You will see little thumbnails on the page. When you click on them they will enlarge and show a lightbox gallery. (If you selected ‘basic thumbnails‘)

Example galleries

Here is a small example to show you what the Thumbnail and Slideshow gallery’s should look like.



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