Pasting text into your web pages

When adding new content to your website you may want to write it in a programme like Microsoft Word first, then paste it into your WordPress page or post.

This is fine, as long as you’re careful. In this page we’ll show you how.

Why can’t I just copy and paste straight into my website?

Unfortunately, most popular word processing tools – especially MS Word – contain hidden formatting, which you bring along when you copy the text.

Then when you paste straight into WordPress, the formatting from the Word document comes along with it – you can see the code when you choose the Text view in the WordPress editor.

While WordPress tries its best to clean up this formatting, it often leaves much of it in.

WordPress uses its own formatting, which then clashes with the original formatting, making it difficult to get the page to look right. It also packs the page with unnecessary characters, which can do anything from slowing the website down to interfering with how Google views your website.

How to paste text into your WordPress website

There’s already a feature in the WordPress text editor that allows you to do this.

To see it you have to expand the toolbar using the Toobar Toggle button. The location of each is shown below:


Just click on the button to use it. You’ll see a pop-up that says something like Paste is now in plain text mode. You can dismiss this if you want.

The button will also remain dark until you click it again, which turns off paste as text mode.

Using this button will give you greater control over your content and how it looks in your pages.