Purge the cache to see new content

Sometimes, when changing something on your site, you won’t see it immediately when you look at the front end of your website. Here’s how to see the latest version of your page.

This problem occurs rarely with our sites hosted with SiteGround. It’s because we use special technology to speed up our SiteGround websites.

This technology, called caching, shows visitors a copy of the site without straining the web server.

This makes the website load faster and also saves on resources.

Normally, the system detects when a page has been created and clears itself, but occasionally it doesn’t. That’s why we have the Purge SG Cache control.

You’ll see it at the top of your screen when you are logged in to your website – either front end or admin area.

So if you make a change on your site and it doesn’t appear, just click on the Purge SG Cache link and the latest version of your site will appear.