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Changing Details on a .uk Domain name

A domain name only belongs to you if you are listed as the registrant.

When we register a new domain name we always register it in your name, but if we transfer in a domain name sometimes the details are wrong.

Sometimes people get a friend or a colleague to register their domain name and the ownership details are registered incorrectly.

Unfortunately, if we move a domain name in to our control we can’t change who it belongs to, which may cause you problems in the long run. In that case you will need to change the details yourself.

How to change .uk domain ownership details

Nominet First Time Log in Page
Nominet First Time Log in Page

Right now this can only be done by Nominet, the body that governs all .uk domain names. We can change contact details including email address, but not the name the domain is registered under.

Nominet charges £10+VAT to change domain registration details.

To see who is listed as the owner of your domain name, go to the Geektools whois lookup and enter your domain name (minus the www.) and the key displayed.

The owner will be listed as Registrant.

To change details follow this link to the Nominet website and enter the email address associated with your domain name.

You will be sent an email containing a secure link which will allow you to set a password and log in and manage your domain.