Moving a .com .net or .org domain name

Moving an international domain name like a .com is a more involved process, which can also vary from provider to provider.

Sample email asking for confirmation of a domain move
Sample email asking for confirmation of a domain move

First you must make sure that the domain is unlocked and that the domain name’s admin email address is valid and you have access to it.

You can usually check the listed admin email address by doing a Geektools whois lookup on your domain, or if you are in any doubt ask us and we should be able to check the admin email address for you.

At this point we will start the transfer and immediately the administration contact for the domain name will receive an email from Domainbox with instructions on how to confirm the transfer.

You must follow these instructions or the domain transfer will fail.

Don’t forget to check your junk mail folder in case the email has ended up there by mistake. You may also get an email from your current provider with instructions on how to authorise the transfer away from them.

Once confirmed it will take up to seven working days for the transfer to go through.

All international domain transfers to Moghill Web Services include an extra year’s registration of your domain name.