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Moving a .uk domain name to us

Most of our customers use .co.uk domain names and these are quite easy to transfer.

All you need to do is change a small piece of information associated with the domain – called the IPS Tag.

.uk domain transfer from 123 Reg
.uk domain transfer from 123 Reg

If you have access to your current domain control panel, you can change this yourself, or ask the person currently in charge of your domain to do it for you. If you’re having trouble then we can take care of this for you.

Different domain companies deal with this in different ways: Some allow you to change the tag yourself, but for others you may have to request through support.

Most domain companies will allow you to transfer a domain out for free, though some, such as Vistaprint and Moonfruit, charge a fee of around £10-£15.

In any case, to transfer the domain to us, the IPS Tag must be changed to HEARTINTERNET (all one word, all in capitals).

Transferring out of 123-Reg

123-Reg is one of the most common registrars in the UK, and it’s quite simple to transfer out.

Since April 2014, 123-Reg has now started charging its customers £9.99+VAT to transfer out a domain name, despite promising it would never do this.

In your control panel, select the domain name you want to cancel.

Then under Domain Transfers, select Change IPSTagand you will be asked to pay the release fee.

Once paid you can change the Tag. In the field marked New IPSTAG type HEARTINTERNET into the box. Then click on the button marked Change IPS Tag.

Be very careful to type the new IPS Tag correctly, as it can’t be undone if you get it wrong.

Usually when doing this we get an error message, even though the Tag change has worked.

The Tag change happens immediately and you can test this.

Go to the Geektools whois lookup and enter your domain name (minus the www.) and the key displayed and you can see the domain details.

Geektools listing showing HEARTINTERNET IPS Tag
Geektools listing showing HEARTINTERNET IPS Tag

Under Registrar you will see this:

This means the IPS Tag has been successfully changed and we can bring in your domain name.

Other domain registrars

Different registrars vary but 123 Reg has kindly provided guides to how to transfer a domain away from them.

In each case if the domain is to be transferred to us, remember to use the IPS Tag HEARTINTERNET and not the one in the guide!

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