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‘Pointing’ a domain name without moving it

If you don’t want to move your domain – for example if you are running your email with someone else – then we can work with that, too.

Domain settings management - click to see image full size
Domain settings management – click to see image full size

In this case we build the site under what’s known as a domain name reference and when the new site is ready we make some changes to the domain settings so that they send traffic to the new website.

We often do this for our clients but you can also do it yourself with the help of this simple diagram.

Option 1: Pointing Nameservers

This is the preferred option to avoid difficulties with email generated by the website – for example contact form submissions or online orders.

We’ll either ask for access to your domain name records so we can make the change, or provide you with the details of the nameservers to point the domain towards.

If you already have an email service or other custom domain name records we can add these records again from our domain management area.

Option 2: Amending A Records

If site-generated email is less important, we can also point domain A records.

To get your domain to point at the new site you need to change two records to match the server IP address:

  • The www record and
  • The record that shows a blank sub domain – see the diagram (different hosting companies vary)

Once you have made the changes and saved them, they will take between 6 and 24 hours to take effect around the world – though you may see them sooner.