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What happens to my email if you move my domain?

If you have a domain with another provider and run e-mail from it, then this email service will be interrupted if we move your domain name.

Once we move the domain name, your old e-mail will cease to work and we will recreate your email in your new Moghill account.

If we take the domain in, we can recreate the same email address(es) for you, and since it takes 24 hours for a change to a domain to take place, the email just drops into the new (recreated) mailbox and carries on as before. Our email is accessible via webmail, and can be set up using Outlook or just about anything.

Depending on how you view your email you will need to take a back up of your current mailbox before the move takes place so save your data.

If you use Outlook for email, this is a straightforward process and you will be able to view all your emails in the same place, including those from the old account.

All you’ll need to do is set u7p your Outlook to receive mail from the new account.

Other email services, such as that provided by hosting companies such as Go_Daddy and 123-Reg, operate differently so in each case we’ll look at what you have and advise accordingly.

Alternatively, another solution could be for us to just change your domain name settings where it is, and point the domain name settings that deal with web addresses at your new website.

If you choose this option, you will be responsible for renewing your domain name.

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