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What’s an IPS tag?

IPS tags apply to UK registered domain names only, for example .co.uk, .org.uk etc – basically anything that ends in .uk.

They are used to prove ownership, if we’re moving in a domain name to use for a website (and email), or you wish to transfer out, the IPS tag must be changed to reflect this.

IPS tags are always one word with no spaces and in capitals. They are not necessarily the name of the company, for example Fasthosts uses the IPS tag LIVEDOMAINS.

A fuller explanation can be found on the 123-Reg website.

Transfer in

To move in a domain name to run your website with Moghill, see our guide to transfer in .uk domain names.

Transfer out

If you want to leave our services, you will need to ask your new hosting provider for their IPS tag and provide it to us – subject to notice period etc.