Email setup guides

Our email set up guides will help you set up your email in Microsoft Outlook and a range of other packages.

Before you use this you will need need to confirm that:

1: We have set up your email account for you

2: You have your email password (if you have lost this, you’ll need to open a support request)

Using webmail

Go to (where your domain is the address of your website).

Enter your email address and your password.

You’ll see this screen on successful login:


Webmail control panel

As of June 20 20, the default app is now Roundcube. Horde and SquirrelMail have been discontinued on SiteGround hosting.

Here’s a guide to using Roundcube:

The control panel also allows you to change your password, forward your email to another address, set up automatic replies and filter your email, as well as set it up with an email programme like Outlook (more on that below)

Setting up email to work with your computer or phone

First you need to know know whether your email is hosted with  SiteGround (most sites built since early 2014) or Jolt.

SiteGround - our new web hosts

SiteGround email

Setting up SiteGround email to work with Apple Mail and Outlook (on computers) Microsoft Outlook: Text-based tutorial Apple/Mac mail: Mac Mail text tutorial Email issues/questions If you have problems with email, here are some questions and answers that may help. You can also Open a Support Ticket    

Roundcube user guide

Roundcube is now the only available mail programme for webmail for SiteGround hosted clients, since the retirement of the outdated Horde and SquirrelMail programmes in June 2020. Here’s how to use it. Detailed Roundecube user guide You can find detailed information on the Roundcube documentation site.

Jolt email for Windows and iPhone

We host a small number of sites built before 2013 – including all one pagers – with Jolt Hosting, a UK-based company. Webmail works in the standard way but you can also connect to email through Outlook or Apple’s Mail app for iPhone or iPad. Android phones are easy to set up and usually just ... Read more

Heart Internet email

We are migrating all sites away from Heart Internet and this should be complete by mid 2020. Only a handful of sites remain on Heart. If your website and e-mail are hosted with Heart Internet, here are some tutorials to help you along.

Email setup support

Our standard service covers making sure your mailboxes are working, but you may need extra help setting it up to work with your phone or a programme like Outlook. Also, the mailboxes we provide are limited to a maximum 1Gb and if you need more we set you up with a premium service like Google ... Read more

Email Quota

Every email account has a space quota and our system issues warnings when you get close to the limit. Your mailbox limit will be 400Mb or 1024Mb (1Gb) depending on your package, and most people never get near their limits. But if you get a lot of email or store a lot of big attachments ... Read more

Third Party Email Providers

Our email service is fine for light to moderate use, but for more storage and better integrations we can set your website/domain to work with third party email providers. The most popular examples of these are Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365, which are often referred to as Cloud Services. We have set ... Read more

My email is being returned (bounced)

If your email is being returned, there could be several causes – but there’s always an error message to tell you why.