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Email Quota

Every email account has a space quota and our system issues warnings when you get close to the limit.

Your mailbox limit will be 400Mb or 1024Mb (1Gb) depending on your package, and most people never get near their limits.

But if you get a lot of email or store a lot of big attachments you can use up the available space.

If This happens, you’ll get an email quota warning, don’t ignore it!

You will need to empty emails to free up space. Don’t forget to remove sent items and empty your deleted items.


But if you need a larger mailbox you may be better off considering a third party email provider such as Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365.

Google and Microsoft offer much more storage space – around 30Gb – and more advanced options and are ideal if you need more than our standard 1Gb.

If you want to discuss the options, please open a support ticket.

Deleting email on webmail such as Horde (SiteGround)

purge-deletedIf you access email through One of SiteGround’s webmail packages, you’ll need to follow a two step deletion process.

First, select the messages you want to delete and click on the bin icon. They will appear crossed out.

Then, in the top right, click on the Other dropdown and select Purge Deleted – see screenshot.

The  selected emails will be permanently deleted from your account.

Checking folder size and deleted folder contents in Horde

If your mailbox size gets close to quota and you store a lot in folders, you may want to check each folder.

To do this, open the folder and right click on its name. You’ll see a number of options including Mailbox size (which actually means folder size).

You can also select the option to empty the folder, which means delete all the emails in the folder.

This is useful for emptying Deleted Items and Sent Items, for example, but should be used with caution elsewhere!