Email setup support

Our standard service covers making sure your mailboxes are working, but you may need extra help setting it up to work with your phone or a programme like Outlook.

Also, the mailboxes we provide are limited to a maximum 1Gb and if you need more we set you up with a premium service like Google or Microsoft Office 365 where you’ll get the space you need for about £3 per month.

If you need help with anything beyond the basic setup of your email, we recommend Graham Skeats at Computer Therapy.

As well as setting up Outlook or a premium service to work with your website, Graham can also help with anything else computer-related.

Computer and software issues are really best left to a professional, which is why we also use Graham to look after our own computers.

You can find him at  

Or you can ring him on: 01952 541709 or 01743 818170.