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Lost your email password?

Lost or forgotten e-mail passwords is one of the most common requests for help we get.

However, for security and data security reasons (ie GDPR) we do not keep records of your email or website passwords.

So what to do if you have lost your password?

Because we don’t hold your password, the only thing we can do is change your password for you, so…

  1. Open a support ticket, telling us the new password you want us to use. If you don’t provide a new password, there may be a delay while we provide you with a new password. and tell you what it is.
  2. We will change your password and let you know you’ve done it
  3. That’s it

Changing your email password – important note!

If you change your password, the email connection with any other device you use willalso break. So, for example if you use webmail and an iPhone, you’ll need to reconnect the iPhone with the email account.