Extend your domain name: Save money and get a search boost!

If you’re planning on running your website for years to come then it makes sense to register your domain name for as long as you can into the future.

Your domain name is an ongoing cost of your website and must be renewed regularly to allow you to continue using it.

domain name photoThe cost is made up of a fee we pay on your behalf to the domain registrar, and part admin fee for our time in managing it.

Until recently we only offered a two year renewal, but now you can extend your domain name for up to ten years into the future.

Why extend your domain name?

Reason 1: You’ll save money

A ten year renewal saves us a lot of time and that’s reflected in a reduced admin fee from us.

Instead of renewing and invoicing your domain name 5 times in a ten year period, we do it once.

In fact, on a .co.uk domain name over 10 years you’ll save around 30% on domain costs.

In other words you pay for 10 years and get 3 free. Roughly. Contact us for a quote.

You’ll also pay the registrar’s current prices, avoiding any price increases within the next 10 years.

Unfortunately, in March 2016 our domain registrar doubled the price of .uk domain names. We’ve absorbed much of the increase but the savings are not as much as they were.

Reason 2: You will *probably* get a boost in search

How Google ranks websites for search is a secret, however it’s well-known that the search engine is looking for trust signals among the hundreds of factors it uses to assess websites.

One of these factors is the length of time the domain name has been registered for, because it’s a signal of a genuine website.

Obviously if that domain name has been registered a long time into the future that indicates a commitment to that domain name.

Domain registration and expiry dates are publicly available so it’s easy for Google to look at this information.

So while extending your domain name alone won’t propel you to the top of search results, it will definitely help, especially when combined with other optimisation.

How to extend your domain name

You don’t have to wait until your domain name is due, but when it is you’ll be offered an option to extend your domain name.

If you don’t want to wait, then open a support ticket (selecting Domain name enquiry) and we’ll get back to you with costs.

Open a support ticket



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