Free SSL Certificates update

Things are moving fast in website and data security, and if your website isn’t protected by an SSL Certificate, it’s definitely time you took action.

For a while now, the major players in the web – Google in particular – have been pushing website owners to adopt encryption, also known as SSL or https.

Web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox have been actively encouraging this by placing warnings on things like website login pages. The picture shows an example.

Soon those warnings will become more aggressive and obvious, and they will start to appear in places where they haven’t before, such as contact forms.

Warnings like these can make people think twice about using your contact form – never mind your e-commerce site.

What are we doing about it?

The easiest way to avoid this is to meet the new standard and upgrade your site to SSL/https. For more than a year now we’ve been encouraging clients to do that.

Adoption of SSL has been fuelled by the advent of free SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt, which are available to all clients hosted on our SiteGround platform, subject to a set-up fee.

So far we have helped more than 30 clients make the switch, but almost as many are still eligible.

SSL/https also offers several advantages in terms of Google search position, website load speed and more.

You can find more about the benefits in a blog post we did on the main Moghill website

Things are moving fast

In the past year more than 100 million websites have switched to Let’s Encrypt SSL, and now more than 60% of web traffic uses SSL and https. So more than half of all websites are encrypted.

Therefore, the organisations driving encryption are becoming more aggressive in forcing the remaining websites to switch to the new system.

Not only are we seeing more obvious (and alarming) warnings appearing on websites, but Google is actively rewarding websites that use SSL/https, while downgrading those that don’t.

It’s not too late to make the switch

For our SiteGround- hosted clients, we can offer free SSL Certificates, subject to a setup fee of £80-£120, depending on the sze of your website.

Our websites hosted with other companies – mainly non e-commerce websites built in 2013 or before – can also be converted but costs may vary.

There’s more about this in this blog post.

To ask about SSL/https for your site, please open a support ticket via the tab below.