Heart Internet lets us down again – and what we’re doing about it

Some of our client websites hosted on Heart Internet suffered several hours of downtime last week and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. We’re also working hard on a solution.

Last Tuesday about 23 of our client sites went offline at about 1pm – we understand webmail was also down – but most were back online by 8pm. All were back by 1am the following morning.

Heart Internet - New logo, service going down the tubes
Heart Internet – New logo, service going down the tubes

This is the second time in 12 months that Heart has suffered extended downtime, something unheard of with SiteGround, who now host most of our websites.

To us this is totally acceptable, but it’s not possible for us to switch everyone to a new host overnight without disruption to services like email.

That said, by the end of February we expect to have moved all but 30 of our Heart Internet-hosted accounts, down from around 70 this time last year.

Does this affect me?

Around 1/3 of our clients are still hosted with Heart Internet, mostly those built in 2013 or before.

If you’re not sure, go to: WhoIsHostingThis.com , enter your domain name and press enter. The page will tell you if you are hosted on Heart or SiteGround.

We are currently concentrating on migrating clients who choose to upgrade to our SiteGround service, and expect to have moved every other account to either SiteGround or a new equivalent provider by the end of March.

We’ll contact each of you individually in advance of migrating your website to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Free upgrade to SiteGround for Heart Internet clients

But if you want to upgrade your site to SiteGround please put in a support ticket.

We’re currently offering free migration to SiteGround, SSL certificate and set up to Heart Internet clients.