Heart Internet update, April 2016

We have decided to seek a new hosting provider after the issues we’ve experienced recently with Heart Internet.

Does this affect me?

All our sites launched or re-developed after October 2014 are not affected by this, as they are hosted on our premium hosting service, SiteGround. Go to: WhoIsHostingThis.com , enter your domain name and press enter. The page will tell you if you are hosted on Heart or SiteGround.

Heart Internet was the first web hosting company we worked with, and most of our websites built between 2009 and mid 2014 are held with them.

Concerns we already had with the level of service we were receiving culminated in the downtime and other reliability issues of February this year, and since then we have seen several other episodes of downtime, slow running websites and general poor performance.

The time Heart Internet has been taking to respond to support tickets has also caused us concern. We have been promised improvements, but many of the promised problems will be a long time coming.

A particular issue was the Are You Human page which several of you have complained about, and is still in place, despite it being a temporary measure.

New hosting provider

Therefore we have decided to find a new home for our Heart Internet hosted websites, and after considering many options, we will begin trials of a new hosting company from May.

We have selected a new company on a range of factors, the most important of which is the level of customer service.

If our trial goes well, we expect to migrate all websites to the new provider in May and June.

What do I need to do?

Right now you don’t need to do anything.

Migration will be free of charge and we will contact you before we do anything to your website.

Migration to our SiteGround premium hosting service

We are also offering free migration to our premium service held with SiteGround, depending on the complexity of your site). Please open a support ticket if you wish to take advantage of this.