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Dropbox file sharing

When we work with you on a website project, at some stage we’ll need some files from you – for example photos and other graphics, or perhaps text and info for your website.

Dropbox logoThis is where Dropbox comes in.

What’s Dropbox?

Dropbox is basically a cloud application that allows us to create a folder on our system that you can also access from your computer, or from the Dropbox website.

And when you place files in that folder, we can see them also and copy them for use on your website.

This means we have one place to save all files for your website – with an online shop this can be thousands of files – rather than dealing with things by email.

Dropbox is also encrypted so your data is as safe as your password is strong! It’s also free for you to use.

How we use Dropbox

When we set up a new project for you, we’ll also create a shared folder in Dropbox and we will invite you to it using your email address.

You’ll get an email from Dropbox inviting you to join the shared folder. Just follow the instructions in the email and you’re ready to start adding files.

Detailed instructions on using Dropbox

If you want more detailed instructions to Dropbox, see the Dropbox Help Center