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Phase 2: Content collection

ContentThis stage requires you to play your part and we can’t start building the site before this is complete.

Think of it as baking a cake – you can’t begin mixing the ingredients until you have all of them ready.

Depending on your project and your needs, we will ask you to provide your content notes so that we can create your web pages. Notes should be in a digital format, preferably Microsoft Word. We can’t accept handwritten notes.

In most cases we’ll need you to provide photographs for your website and these must be in .jpg format, and not pasted into emails or Word Documents (the quality is very poor).

We can sometimes also incorporate further design ideas or features at this stage, so long as they come within the scope of the original project brief. Remember: This is your last chance to make any changes.

It’s up to you to make sure you have supplied us with everything you want on your website before we start the next phase. If you don’t get the agreed content to us on time, this will delay your project.

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