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Phase 3: The build

Building the websiteWhen we’ve had everything we need from you, we’ll start building your website.

In our experience Phase 2 is where a project is most likely to be delayed, which is why we can’t give you a completion date until we’ve had everything we need from you.

We plan work 2-3 weeks in advance so once we have had your content we will allocate time to your project to allow us to build your site, structure and write your content, and do the design work.

At this stage we’re building the site, not editing it.

While we will try our best to accommodate very minor changes requested at this stage, if you have any further requests that would require additional features, new content or design changes they will have to be priced separately so as to allow us to concentrate on the brief.

When we’re finished we test the site to make sure everything works as it should, and that it works across all devices and browsers.

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