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Teamwork Project Management

For more complex projects such as online shops, we often invite you to our online project management website, which is called Teamwork.

Teamwork allows us to log all email conversations around a project, keep a progress log, and share files over and above how we use Dropbox.

Moghill Teamwork login page
Moghill Teamwork login page

It allows us to keep files, conversations and links related to a project in one place. It also manages to-do lists, project milestones, deadlines and timekeeping, so we use it for every project.

Data protection and security are important to us, and as with all online or ‘cloud’ apps we use, Teamwork is secure and encrypted.

Using Teamwork to collaborate on projects

Many of our clients are happy for us to get on with their project with a minimum of contact. If this is you, we don’t recommend Teamwork.

But we understand that some clients want – or even need – to be more in touch with progress, and this is where Teamwork comes in.

At the start of your project, we’ll ask you how involved you want to be in the project process, and if you wish we’ll invite you to join the project on Teamwork.

You’ll get an email invitation with a username and a link to our Teamwork login page, but if you need it again:

Log in to Moghill Teamwork

More information about your project as it progresses

We appreciate that the web design ‘industry’ has a bad reputation and one of the reasons for this is poor communication between the web designer and the client.

Teamwork allows you to know as much as you need to about the progress of your project, whether we’re waiting for anything from you and above all to keep things moving and meet our deadlines.

We strive to be as open as possible about what we do and how we do it, and Teamwork helps us do that.

Using Teamwork

In 2016 we’re still experimenting with Teamwork and collaboration, but as a client you will normally have access to:

  • Messages – each project gets its own unique email address – we’ll advise you of this
  • Links – Useful for sharing links to websites relevant to the project, plus a link to the shared Dropbox folder for the project
  • Files – Useful for exchanging documents like email lists, online shop product spreadsheets etc – files comes with version control
  • Project Progress notebook – A running commentary of the work done on the website build, updated along with progress
  • Tasks, task lists and project milestones with due dates – you can see exactly where we’re up to on your project

Why we use Teamwork

We can be running up to 15 projects, large and small, at any one time and so a project management application is essential to us. It also allows us to keep up with date to day maintenance and improvements to the network of websites we look after.

We also use Teamwork to run the organisers’ group for the Shropshire WordPress MeetUp.

We’d tried various other apps to keep track of things but found them lacking until we discovered Teamwork in 2015.

Teamwork appealed to us for their open philosophy and focus on customer service, but the major factor was the usefulness and flexibility of the Teamwork app itself.

The company behind Teamwork started as a web design agency in Dublin, but their app has been around for a while.

But most of all, they are open and honest in their dealings, and they are serious about the security of our data.