Our new performance web hosting service

Web hosting – to put it simply, providing computer space so that websites can be accessed on the web 24 hours a day – is a fundamental part of every website that can’t be ignored.

For us at Moghill it’s crucial to our business, and right from the start we chose ourĀ  hosting company carefully, based on reliability, customer service and value. When it comes to web hosting, you get what you pay for!

Five years ago we chose Heart Internet’s Shared Hosting platform, but for a while we’ve been looking for a better service – now we’ve found it in SiteGround.

What does this mean?

We can now offer a high performance hosting solution that has already produced fantastic results, in particular in terms of how quickly websites load.

SiteGround logoFaster loading websites mean:

  • Improved performance in search
  • Improved website usability
  • More customers for you!

Website load speed is becoming hugely important to the success of websites. If you want to know more we’ve put together an article on website speed here.

In short, a slow website is bad news and while our sites hosted on Heart are not slow, they are not brilliant, either.

And sadly, we have also noticed some deterioration in performance for some of our sites hosted with Heart in recent months, and we now recommend switching to SiteGround for all our online shops powered by WooCommerce.

Why we chose SiteGround

We have been looking at other hosting companies for about a year and the choice is immense. SiteGround stood out because of:

  • The huge speed improvements already covered, and capability for even more speed improvements
  • Specialist hosting of WordPress, the website software we use
  • Enhanced security features
  • Far better stability and uptime, with sites able to handle high traffic levels – at least 10 times the traffic levels of ordinary shared hosting
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Growing reputation, a sustainable business and great results in independent reviews
Website speed tests showing the same website on Heart hosting (above) and after moving to SiteGround. Load speed drops from an acceptable 2.13 seconds to 413 miliseconds - four times faster!
Website speed tests showing the same website on Heart hosting (above) and after moving to SiteGround. Load speed drops from an acceptable 2.13 seconds to 423 miliseconds – four times faster!

SiteGround also actively support the WordPress project, and we were able to visit their offices while at the European WordPress conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, in September.

Having met several of their team they impressed us as knowledgeable and friendly, while totally committed to customer service. For the last three months we’ve trialled their service and the support – usually via live chat – is instant, often fixing issues right there and then.

Since October we have moved more than 30 sites into SiteGround hosting, with barely a hitch, and with each site we’ve moved we’ve seen radically improved load times.

How to upgrade your site to high performance hosting

We have already migrated many client websites into SiteGround and all we’re building all new sites on the service.

We’re now ready to open up our SiteGround hosting package to existing clients and if you have e-commerce or any other advanced features we strongly recommend you upgrade.

Over the coming months we’ll be inviting clients to upgrade on an individual basis, but if you’re interested please fill in a support ticket, selecting ‘Request web hosting upgrade’ and we’ll get back to you.

Other hosting options

The upgrade to SiteGround is part of our philosophy of constantly improving what we can offer, and we are planning to introduce other advanced hosting options in 2015.

A note about domains and emails

Right now we’re only planning to use SiteGround to host websites, while keeping domain and email management of most existing sites with Heart Internet, along with those websites that choose not to upgrade. New sites are being set up on SiteGround.