Our SiteGround websites have moved

On April 7/8 all our client websites hosted with our premium service from SiteGround were moved to a new data centre on the outskirts of London.

Update: All sites and email transitioned smoothly.

The move will be done in such a way to ensure there is no downtime, but all affected sites should run faster and may even get a search boost, thanks to being in the UK.

In case you’re wondering, up to now our SiteGround websites have been located in Amsterdam, as this was SiteGround’s only European data centre.

Last year, the company opened a new data centre in London, and now they are migrating all our sites to it.

Does this apply to me?

There’s an easy way to tell – follow this link: WhoIsHostingThis.com , enter your domain name and press enter. The page will tell you if you are hosted on Heart or SiteGround.

What’s a data centre?

To be live on the internet, a website needs to be housed on a computer which is available 24 hours a day, called a server. And servers are located in data centres.

Why London?

When we first opened our account with SiteGround, the only European data centre available was in Amsterdam. While this was not ideal, we found websites loaded so fast on SiteGround that the Amsterdam location didn’t matter.

However, it was still a compromise, since it’s best practice for a website to be located as close to its customers as possible, at least in the same country!

SiteGround, who have a large UK customer base, acknowledged this. At the end of last year they opened a second European data centre in London.

They explain the decision in this blog post on their company website.

For the pedants, the data centre is actually in Chessington, but for technical and security reasons that’s better than central London.

SiteGround has also set up a UK entity, which means from now on we will be billed un Sterling instead of Euros, and we’ll have to pay VAT.

What difference does it make to me?

In short, not a lot.

We’re expecting faster load times for UK web visitors, due the websites being physically closer to the people viewing them, and their location in the UK may give a search boost also.

Your website login will not change and you shouldn’t see any different at all in the websites.

If you use webmail, the address of your login page will change also.

There’s now an easy way to access webmail – just type your website domain name into your address bar and add /webmail/ on the end.

So for Moghill, the address would be www.moghill.com/webmail/

Please update your bookmarks.

If you are still experiencing problems or spot a problem with your website, please put in a support ticket.