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Sorry you’re leaving!

We’re sorry to see you go and thank you for your custom.

Transferring a website and email is not a simple matter, so we have created this page to help you understand what happens next.

You’re reading this page because you have given us a month’s notice to leave our service. We’ll help you make the transfer out as simple as possible as long as you follow these instructions.

  1. Make sure all outstanding invoices are paid. If you pay monthly, then your final month’s invoice must be settled before any transfer. If you have a domain renewal due in the next six weeks, then we strongly recommend you renew before transferring out to avoid losing the domain name in the event of a delay.
  2. Decide whether you want your website to host elsewhere. Your website is yours to take away if you want to, and if you wish to take it elsewhere, we will provide you a copy of your website files and database if you ask for it during the notice period. The normal method of file transfer involves us placing the files in a shared Dropbox folder and allowing you access to copy them.
  3. Claim your domain name. If you host your domain name with us, then it will have been registered in your name and is your property for the registration period. When you have a new site ready, or in any case within the notice period, you’ll need your domain name to run your website and email. For .co.uk domain names, you will need to provide us with the IPS tag of your new provider (see more on IPS tags). We will change the tag for you, which will allow you to claim it at your new provider. Please be sure the IPS tag you provide is correct, as mistakes can only be rectified through Nominet.
  4. Service shutdown. Whether or not you transfer your website and email, all services will be shut down at the end of the notice period. This also includes access to our support service and any request after this point will be chargeable at hourly rate. Our copies of any files and email accounts will be deleted, usually after four weeks.

We wish you the best of luck for the future!

Our support service

Our help service exists to support you in the day to day running of your site under normal circumstances, and therefore support in migration is limited to that listed above.

If you are not comfortable in making the arrangements you need to transfer your website, then we strongly suggest hiring a professional to help you.

In particular you will need to set up a hosting service – if you are moving your website it will need to support WordPress – and be able to set up email accounts and forwarding etc

Any product licences, for example for your theme, will be deactivated, with updates and support no longer available, and you will be responsible for their re-licensing.