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Consultancy and miscellaneous work terms

These terms of business cover work that does not involve building a new website, mostly done on an estimate or hourly rate.

It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Migrating a WordPress website into our hosting package
  • Domain and e-mail related work not covered in a project or by support
  • Any work on an existing website, whether hosted by us or not

In most cases, we price ad hoc work based on estimates of the time taken to do it. This is the fairest way to price the job as you have an idea at least of what it will cost, while we are covered in the event of unforeseen problems.

Quotation and payment

If you commission us to carry out work likely to cost more than £250, we will provide you with a written estimate, which usually must be signed electronically before we commence work.

The estimate will outline what is to be done and the likely time it will take. If, once we’re under way, it looks like the project will run over budget, we’ll inform you in good time and discuss options.

Projects of over £250 in value must be paid in two equal instalments, with the first due before work starts, and the remainder will be billed on 28 day terms on completion.

Paid discovery

When we’re asked to do work on an existing website, for example fixing problems or adding features, sometimes it’s necessary for you to come into our office and review your website. When this happens we will suggest a way forward that you can take forward yourself, have another web company do the work or we could do the work.

In these cases we work on a paid discovery basis, where you pay for our time, which leaves you at liberty to have someone else do the work.

If you commission us to do the work within a month, then the cost of the paid discovery will be deducted from your final invoice.


If you wish to cancel a project before completion, you will be invoiced for the hours spent on it up to the point of cancellation.

Terms of Business

This policy is part of our Terms of Business and further governed by its terms.