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Hosting and Support Terms

The website we provide come with our managed hosting service. New websites include the first month of managed hosting, starting from either the day you start using services – email or a holding page – or the day your website went live.

Under the terms of managed hosting we will:

  • Keep the content management system and extensions/plug-ins up to date.
  • Run regular back-ups of your site (every 24 hours, with off site back-up 1x monthly)
  • Provide access to website statistics via Google Analytics
  • Update the WordPress theme (design files) software, whenever necessary, ensuring your site keeps up with modern browsers and technologies
  • Supply the licence for a premium WordPress theme, which controls the design of your site
  • Actively manage your site in the case of publicised security issues
  • Monitor your site for search engine optimisation issues through Google Webmaster Tools
  • Restore your site in the event of a software or security issue
  • Provide support according to our Support Policy.

Access permissions

As standard we provide access with Editor permissions(Shop Manager in the case of online shops) for website admin area, which allows you the ability to update your site but not break things!

This is common practice for security reasons and is known as the Principle of Least Privileges.

If you want to create new pages you can create them first, then ask us to add new menu items pointing to those pages, via a support ticket. This is usually done free of charge.

Further permissions

If you are an advanced WordPress user and require further permissions, for example menus and widgets, this can be provided at a small cost. Please contact support to request this.

Plugin and theme installation

Plugins and themes are a major potential security risk to your website and we do not allow clients to install them directly.

They can also conflict with other elements of your site or even bring them down entirely, which is why we vet any plugin before it is used on any site we maintain.

If you want extra functionality on your website, you should first open a support ticket explaining what you want to achieve. If you have a plugin in mind to do the job, then please suggest it.

We will look at your aims and (if we’re not familiar with it), evaluate the plugin and if it’s not suitable suggest another and install/activate it for you. The charge for this is normally an hour’s work but may vary in more complex cases.

We follow a similar process with themes.

This practice is necessary for your website to continue to work correctly into the future, and for us to be able to offer support.


You must use a strong, secure password to access your website and keep your password safe. If you wish someone else to have access to your site please submit a support ticket and we will create another user ID. This service is normally free.

Allowing others access to work on your site

From time to time you may wish to allow others access to your website, for example to add or update content on your behalf.

If this is the case, you must contact us so that we can arrange a new login for your contractor.

Note: The decision over granting of access and the level of permissions issued will be at the discretion of Moghill alone.

Contractors will only be permitted access at Editor level and we will never issue Administrator permissions. They will not be permitted to install software or code or anything else that may affect the functioning or security of your site. Any such work must be done by us and with our full knowledge if it is to be supported by us.

Our agreement makes us responsible for the security and continued running of your website, and since we would have no control over programming changes made by a third party, we would not be able to support it. This is because programming changes without our knowledge could put other sites on the cluster at similar risk.

For these reasons, if you wish to employ a third party to carry out programming changes to your website, you will need to move your website to another web host.

Any attempt to circumvent these conditions will be considered a breach of contract and will result in cancellation of the contract and immediate removal of your website from our servers without notice or refund of any monies.

Hosting renewal and payment

In the case of annual renewal, we will invoice you a month before your hosting becomes due and the invoice must be paid within 28 days (in the case of annual renewal).

Late payment may result in the suspension of your website and we may have to charge to restore it.

We also offer monthly payments by standing order or direct debit.

If we look after your domain name, we will invoice you several weeks before it’s due.

We will renew your domain name automatically, normally for two years. If you do not wish to renew your domain name, you must inform us before the renewal date or you will still be liable for the renewal fee.

If you wish to control your own domain name, remember you will be responsible for renewing it.

Annual renewal will include any hosting costs, plus any additional software licences.

Our hosting prices are reviewed annually.


This hosting agreement may be cancelled by either side on giving notice of one full calendar month. We regret we are not able to offer refunds in whole or in part of hosting fees already paid.

Refusal to pay will be treated as cancellation by you.

If you wish to leave the service we will provide you with your website files and database on payment of any outstanding invoices.

If you fail to give notice, resulting in your account becoming overdue and you then decide to cancel, an admin charge will be applied and must be paid in advance of the release of any files.

There is no charge for handing over website files when the appropriate notice is given. However, there may be a charge for complex migrations or migrations where a website contains a large amount of data or premium plugins, based on our hourly rate.

Email service

We provide email at your domain name as a service, but this is limited. If you require enterprise-level e-mail, we suggest a major provider like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Work, and we can arrange for these to be set up for you.

It is your responsibility to ensure your data is backed up and we cannot accept responsibility for lost email data, however it occurs.

Further terms

These terms of use are supplementary to the terms of service of our hosting companies, which govern in particular inappropriate or illegal content on websites.

Terms of Business

This policy is part of our Terms of Business and further governed by its terms.