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Support Policy

We aim to provide free support wherever possible and be as flexible as we can.

This includes:

  • Dealing with faults on your site or e-mail
  • Supporting you in updating your website
  • Making occasional minor changes
  • Being on hand to answer questions
  • Providing advice on your website

How to request support

We do NOT offer telephone support. Support is ONLY provided through our ticket/email system

To access support, fill in our support form. You can also email help[at]moghill.co.uk .

Please leave your name, contact details, website, and use the dropdown to indicate the type of enquiry. Then use the description box to describe the problem, ask your question or make your feature request.

You can also specify how important you feel your request is. This helps us to manage your expectations.

When you send your form it will enter our system and you will be able to log in to view it, add extra information and track its progress.

Prioritisation and service levels

In the case of a problem with your website, we assign priority according to the degree and severity of the problem.

We respond to most minor requests within 24 hours.

Urgent requests

Urgent requests, such as if your website is down, will be actioned as soon as possible on receipt. Downtime is rare, however it is automatically dealt with by our hosting companies.

Non-urgent requests

Non urgent requests will be categorised Medium or Low Priority and addressed according to the schedule below.

Sometimes a fault requires in depth investigation and consultation with several developers, therefore some non urgent issues can take some time to fix.

Support ticket response/resolution targets

PriorityRespond withinResolve within
Urgent30 mins4 hours
MediumSame day5 days
LowNext day14 days
These are target times unless you have an SLA with us. Times/days apply to working hours and days. Weekend times may be subject to delays.

Charging Policy

If your website develops a fault we will fix it, and we often do minor changes to a site free of charge (at our discretion), however, some support requests are chargeable.

This includes:

  • When we consider that you have caused the fault yourself
  • When you make frequent requests for minor changes
  • When the requested work requires development work not previously agreed
  • When the requested work is likely to take an hour or more
  • If you want a non urgent request dealt with urgently

We are always looking to solve issues in the most efficient way possible. If we suggest a way forward to a particular problem and you choose to go a different way, we reserve the right to charge.

Development work

Normally any change to your site not in the original specification or project specification, and likely to take an hour or more will be deemed development work and therefore chargeable.

This covers any changes or additions to the content, design or functionality of your site, plus e-mail or domain name-related work.

If your request is deemed development work, we will contact you with a brief work outline and estimated cost.

Part or full payment may be requested in advance in certain circumstances.

Fair usage

We aim to make the service free of charge as much as possible, however free support cannot reasonably be expected to be unlimited.

We cannot permit multiple or frequent small requests for changes to be handled free of charge. If you have several non-urgent requests save them up and put them together and they will be treated as development work.


Sometimes the work you request may have major knock on effects on your site that could impact its management or functionality. In these cases we reserve the right not to do requested work. Wherever possible we will suggest an alternative.


In the event of a dispute Moghill Web Services will be the final arbiter, including (but not limited to):

  • Support ticket prioritisation
  • Whether work constitutes development or not
  • Who is responsible for a website problem
  • Whether you have exceeded your fair usage allowance for free support
  • If work is refused

Overdue invoices

We reserve the right not to offer support if there is an overdue invoice against your account, in which case you will be asked to settle the outstanding invoice first.

Terms of Business

This policy is part of our Terms of Business and further governed by its terms.

Last updated: 10/07/17