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Website Build Terms

These terms apply for work done by us to create a new website. Our general terms and conditions also apply.

Proposal and pricing

We normally begin a project with a written proposal which includes a broad project outline detailing what you will receive for the stated price, including pages and features required.

This must be signed electronically by you before we can progress.

When you have signed we will issue an invoice for the deposit.

If you later wish to change the specification, you can, but this will usually be subject to additional charge.

Payment – Deposit

All services require a deposit before any work can begin.

In the case of projects under a value of £2,000 this deposit should normally be to the value of 50 per cent of the project value, with the remaining 50 per cent due upon completion of the work, prior to go-live unless agreed in advance in writing.

Deposits are non-refundable, except at our sole discretion.

Payment by instalments

In the case of projects to a value over £2,000 we may agree to split payments into instalments with further  instalments triggered by project milestones agreed in writing in advance. A deposit will be required before work will begin, and you undertake to pay these instalments on time when invoiced.

If you miss an instalment we reserve the right to add late payment fees and take down your website if applicable. In extreme cases we may close the project entirely and the remaining project balance, taking into account work completed, will become due.

This must be paid before we hand over any files,  etc.

Fixed price work

We have gone to great lengths to secure high quality hosting at a reasonable price, which, when combined with our project management methods, makes for efficient working, therefore we are only able to offer fixed pricing on projects covering websites to be hosted by us, and project managed by us.

If you wish us to build a website on alternative hosting, or if you want your project to be run in a way that differs from our standard project management, we will be happy to provide an estimate but we are unable to quote projects of this nature on fixed price.

The Project

Once the initial deposit is paid, we’ll agree a go-live deadline with you, and project milestones. We’ll also give you a date for when we intend to start work.

What information we need from you depends on your project, but we’ll always ask you to fill in our client questionnaire and make it clear what further content or information we’ll need from you and by when.

All projects follow the same broad process, which means we’ll usually need to have received all images and content information from you before we start on building the website – think of it as a cake: You need all the ingredients before you can start mixing them!

See these pages for more information on our process.

Domain names

We will register a domain name in your name, or transfer one in to build the website and run email. If desired we can work with a domain hosted elsewhere, but remember you will be responsible for your own renewal.


We discuss visual design at the early stage, and find out your preferences, likes and dislikes as far as the design of your website is concerned. We’ll also ask you for some examples of websites you like (and why you like them), and explore how these may help your project.

Unless you provide a detailed design specification you agree to allow us to come up with a design for you based on your branding and colour scheme.

If you want to be involved in the design process that’s no problem. However, many clients are happy for us to use our discretion and come up with a design and we are happy to do so.

We don’t create design mock-ups as this leads to duplication of effort. We build and design on the working production site, once content is in place.

Website content

We differ from many of our competitors in that we write your website content and structure it for you. Our approach is ‘content first’, which means we have to gather all content materials – text and images – before we start to build the website.

We will structure your website navigation and content based on our expertise and experience, paying particular attention to the needs of search engines and website usability.

In order to write web your pages for you we will need information from you to get a proper sense of your business or project. This is usually done through a meeting  with you, reviewing your current website content (if you have one) and our client questionnaire.

These must be supplied to us on agreed timescale, otherwise your project will be delayed.

If you request further content not covered in the initial meeting and proposal or late in the process this may result in further charges.

We accept images in jpg, or PSD formats, and text in Microsoft Word-compatible formats, or if not then PDF. We can’t use pictures embedded into Word documents, and we can’t accept handwritten notes.


In most cases we expect to have your website live within 2-3 months, but we can only do this if you provide what we need from you in the agreed timescale.

While we will remind you as much as practicable, it is your responsibility alone to provide us with the information and material (e.g. photographs) we need to complete your site. Since your content is the most important part of your site we cannot make any progress with it if you fail to provide us with what we need.

Where the information and material is not of the required quality we will notify you by e-mail as soon as possible.

To remain efficient we must ensure work we have programmed in is carried out at the scheduled time. Sometimes we have to reject offers of other work to ensure your project is completed on time. Where a project is delayed because you have not supplied us with the required information in the agreed time frame we reserve the right to impose extra charges.

We can’t be held responsible for any delay in creating your website where that delay is due to an act or omission by you.

In extreme cases where delay occurs over several months we reserve the right to close the project and the balance remaining becomes payable immediately.

For cancellations before project completion, please see our main Terms of Business

Client review

When the development of your website is completed we will allow you to review a draft copy of your site.

We ask you to provide details of any required changes within seven working days of us sending you the draft site.

We can’t accept printouts of the website with handwritten changes – if you have a list of changes these must be provided in a Microsoft Word-compatible document, listing each page and the amendment to be made.

Your list must include every change you want to be made. However if at this stage you ask for something you did not previously mention or if you change your mind this may incur extra charges.

After seven days, unless we have agreed otherwise in writing, the project balance will become due, regardless of whether the amends have been finalised or the site has gone live.

Our normal procedure is to allow one round of changes to the design. Our standard service does not include  repeated rounds or ongoing changes to the design during the project unless agreed in advance in writing.

Project go live

Once agreed revisions have been made and the balance of your website has been paid, unless agreed otherwise in writing we will put your website live.

Newly launched websites are subject to a 30 day snagging period where we will fix any problems encountered. This is usually not necessary due to our testing and checking process.

In some cases we will agree in writing in advance any outstanding work to be done by us after go live as part of the original project price. If this is the case then you must provide any material that allows us to do this work within the first 30 days of go-live.


If we have agreed to provide training as part of your website project, then you must take advantage of this within 30 days of go-live of your website. Training booked after this time is to be carried out at our hourly rate.