Try out Mailpoet’s new newsletter software

If you have newsletters built into your website with us, you’ll be familiar with Mailpoet – it’s what you use for newsletters. Now there’s a new version on the way, and you can try it out now!

We use Mailpoet ourselves – for our blog and client newsletter – and have it installed across many of your websites.

Mailpoet is software we add to wordPress websites that allows you to create and send out e-newsletters from within your website, either manually or automatically.

It’s especially popular with the owners of the e-commerce shops we look after.

New Mailpoet newsletter interface
New Mailpoet newsletter interface

The new version has a completely new look, though remains familiar, and in the short time we’ve played around with it, it seems to run really fast.

We’re also promised a load of new features – we’ll tell you more about them once the new version is fully released.

If you run a newsletter in your site, you might want to give the demo version a try here:

Try the new version of Mailpoet 

How we’ll upgrade Mailpoet websites

The new version, Mailpoet 3, will be released in September. We’re testing it with a small number of sites, ready for rollout in the autumn/winter.

If you’re interested in adding Mailpoet to your website, please open a support ticket and we’ll get back to you.