Website statistics now available within your website admin area

If you have access to update your website, you can now access your website statistics when logged in to your admin area. Here’s how.

Statistics tell you how your customers (and potential customers) are using your website, and are a key ingredient to a successful website.

You can understand who is visiting your website, how they found it, which pages they viewed, what kind of device they used and much more.

Statistics can help steer you towards small improvements that can make a big difference, not just to your website, but to your business.

That’s why we add the ability to collect them to every website, and we strongly recommend you look at them from time to time.

Google Analytics access

We use Google Analytics across all websites, and until now the only way to access your statistics was to get a Google account and view them on the Google Analytics website – and that way is still open to you as detailed in this blog post.

We have long been looking for a reliable way to improve on this and provide access to statistics within your website – and now we have it.

How to view Google Analytics statistics within your website admin area

First, log in to your website admin area.

Then, look in the left admin menu for the Insights button. It’ll be towards the bottom of the list.

Follow the link to Dashboard and you’ll see a breakdown of your monthly statistics.

That’s it.