We’re cancelling our phone line – here’s why

We’ve decided to close down our landline phone number – 01691 239093 – but our support service remains unchanged.

Getting rid of our office phone may seem like a strange thing for us to do, but our business has changed and we need to respond to those changes.

Why we’re doing away with the landline

Our company is a service business, which means our sustainability depends on our process. That means managing our time efficiently.

Request support
No, I don’t need a warranty for my washing machine, thank you.

Also, the nature of our work these days means that we are often not able to interrupt what we are doing in order to answer the phone. We wouldn’t get anything done otherwise!

Damned telemarketers!

The truth is that 9 out of 10 calls we get these days are from somebody trying to sell us something.

If we’re in, we’re busy, so we no longer stop to answer the phone.

Even potential new clients tend to contact us by email, and email is how we do much of our communication. We tend to use Skype more and more for meetings.

None of this justifies the cost of a phone line, especially when you take into account the nuisance aspect.

How to get help for your website and email

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason other than billing enquiries, you should use our help system.

This applies whether it’s an emergency or not.

Our support system has been in place more than four years, so far handling more than 500 requests – or tickets as we call them – in that time.

All you have to do to open a request is click on the support ticket tab anywhere on this website.

You can also email us directly at help[at]moghill.co.uk.

Why we have a support system

Our system is the most efficient way of dealing with all enquiries. It makes sure

  • Every request is tracked until it is resolved – nothing ends up being forgotten
  • All enquiries are held in one place, making it more efficient for us to deal with them
  • Enquiries are prioritised and we can focus on getting the right answer first time
  • Enquiries are logged in writing, which is much clearer than taking a phone call

However, providing support at all is costly in terms of time (and therefore money) on our part. We have always believed in supporting our clients, but we have to do it efficiently – even a simple ticket can take up at least an hour.

Phone support is expensive to provide

Offering phone support would require a dedicated (and trained) member of staff sitting next to the phone and we would have to pass on that cost.

We don’t always work 9-5 Monday to Friday, we actually do a lot of evenings and weekends, and we have to cover support even while on holiday.

Before now we’ve had people phone us on our mobiles when we’ve been halfway up a mountain, out shopping or even at a funeral!

It’s better all round for us to offer a reliable service at a reasonable price, than instant support, which is often anything but.

In our experience, ticketed support is actually better at getting to the heart of the problem and solving it. It gives us the opportunity to think about the issue and give a full response that you can refer back to if needed.

Requesting support – do’s and don’t’s

To help us to help you as quickly as we can, please follow these simple rules


  • Fill in the subject line of your help request with a brief description of your problem and website name
  • Give as much information as you can in the request itself, describing the problem and what (if anything) you’ve tried to fix it
  • Give us enough information to act on the problem, so we don’t have to come back to you you for clarification


  • Chase a support ticket, especially by opening a new one
  • Ask us a complicated question and then not reply when we ask for more information. Our time is valuable
  • Forget to tell us when we have fixed the problem
  • Phone us
  • Email our personal addresses