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If your website is unavailable

We host of our website and email services with SiteGround, where downtime is extremely rare. Some sites built before 2013 use a different service.

The hosting companies we use actively manage the servers where our websites are located, and any issues are generally dealt with as quickly as possible – usually within minutes of them occurring and around the clock.

Is your website really down – how to check

If your website is not available, you should open a support ticket..

Before you do that, please make the following checks:

Check 1: Is it just you?

Sometimes your website isn’t down at all, but your computer can’t connect to it. To see if your site is really out of action, go to Down for everyone or just me?

Check 2: Is your new domain name verified?

If you don’t verify a new domain name with the registration authority, it can be suspended, usually weeks or even months after it was registered.

See this page for how to check if domain verification is your problem.



Check 3; Are you up to date with payments?

We don’t take websites down without notice, but if we don’t get a response to reminder emails, sometimes we have to.