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Managed hosting and support

Our managed hosting service keeps your site at its peak performance at all times, as well as keeping it secure and even restoring it if something goes wrong – all as part of the service.

What you can expect from us

Our service includes website hosting from one of two providers:

SiteGround is one of the leading companies for hosting the WordPress platform we use for building websites. All new sites launched since November 2014 are hosted on SiteGround, and many earlier sites have upgraded to this package.

SiteGround offer us better security and speed for our websites, as well as a fast customer support. Our SiteGround websites are located in London. More about our premium hosting.

SiteGround-hosted clients also have access to our staging service, which is ideal for making major – or even minor – changes to a website without any downtime.

Older websites are usually hosted on Heart Internet UK-based servers in Leeds. In autumn 2016 we will be moving these sites to a new, UK-based host.

WordPress and plug in updates

Keeping the WordPress software your website is built with, along with any extensions you have, is vitally important for the security and continued operation of your website, which is why we do it for you.

WordPress keeps developing and keeps pace with technology, making it faster and more secure, but failing to update it can leave vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.

It’s similar to servicing your car – if you don’t do it, then it’s far more likely your site will stop working for some reason.

As part of our managed hosting, we run all updates and then test your site. If any issues emerge as the result of an update, we fix them as part of the service.

We also keep themes, which control the design of your site, up to date and fix any resulting errors.

This means your website keeps pace with technology over time, and benefits from the latest techniques to make websites load faster and more secure than ever.

Back ups

Websites are essentially software and faults can sometimes develop. If something goes wrong you need a good copy of your site to go back to, and we’ve got this covered, too.

SiteGround websites are backed up daily, with copies held for 30 days.

Heart Internet websites are backed up monthly to an independent location.

More frequent back-up options are available.

Back-ups are great insurance against disaster.

Extra security and website health

Our sites also include extra security, so you can be sure you are in safe hands. If something goes wrong with your website (that isn’t caused by something you’ve done), we fix it to keep your site up and running.

We take security seriously, following best practice at all times and keeping abreast of any emerging threats or security issues as they happen.

We also monitor your site through Google Webmaster Tools, which gives us alerts to possible problems on a website.

Statistics reports

There’s no point in having a website if you have no idea if people are using it, which is why we install Google Analytics on every website.

Google Analytics tracks how your website is used and gathers a lot of information about who’s visiting your website. We set up your access to Google Analytics and will launch a regular reporting service in autmun 2016. See our Google Analytics page for a guide to your scheduled report.

Technological improvements

The web changes all the time and we keep up to date with best practice, rolling out improvements to existing sites wherever we can.

This means we keep your website running as efficiently as possible, and regularly optimise it it ensure it loads as fast as posible for your customers.

Support system

We operate customer support using a helpdesk system.

If you have a question about your site, want changes or improvements, or if there’s a problem, just fill in a support request and we’ll get back to you.

Our system will generate a ticket for you and you can log in to our helpdesk to keep track of it.

Minor website changes are usually done for free.

If you need something more complex then we’ll price your project before going ahead, so there are no nasty surprises.

Further information about how we handle support and target service levels can be found in our Support Policy.