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Your Google Analytics report

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can tell you a lot about your website visitors.

We add it to every site and you can access them any time once we set you up (it’s free). If you want access to your full report, then please contact us.

We will soon offer simplified website statistics reports, emailed you you once a month or even once a week. If you’re interested in these, also contact us.

Common Google Analytics metrics

Visits – Overview

Records the total number of visits to your website in the given period – usually in the past month – whether they are new or returning visitors.

Visits and % new visits by source

This metric measures where visitors came from and the percentage of them who have not visited the site before. However some care is needed in interpreting this, as someone who views your site on their desktop computer and then returns on their mobile device will be counted as two separate visitors. The same effect will happen if a previous visitor returns to the site having cleared their cookies.

Visits by browser

Helpful in measuring mobile visitors to your site, this metric detects the web browser used by your visitors.

Visits and % new visits by mobile device info

This records the mobile devices visitors used to access your site, and the percentage of each that qualified as new visitors.

Bounce rate

A bounce is a visitor who lands on one page of your site then leaves without viewing any other page. A high (above 70%) bounce rate can be good or bad, depending on your site.

Pageviews and unique pageviews per page

This metric records your most popular pages, with total visits to that page compared with new visits.

New visits

The percentage of visits to your site that came from new visitors.

Visits map

Where in the world your website visitors came from. The darker the blue on the map, the more visitors.